Autumn Bucket List 2020

Autumn Bucket List 2020

It’s Here! Autumn!! So in order to celebrate I will be sharing with you my Autumn bucket list 2020! I’m hoping Autumn isn’t as much of a flop that the majority of this year has been and hopefully, despite the hysteria still around we will be able to make something good of it.

The first Autumn with my little bean, I plan to make it a good one, grabbing tons of photographs and making thousands of memories. I wanna do some things that I’ve not done before that I am hoping to make into a traditional yearly thing to do!

Autumn Bucket List 2020

autumn bucket list 2020

There are a few things here that may not be achievable due to COVID and the potential of another lockdown but I’m keeping my hopes high never the less.

I absolutely adore nature at this time of year so I plan on taking loads of walks this Autumn, with my ferrets, bird and dogs. Not all at the same time because that would be absolute carnage, but most definitely separately. I also love how the foliage looks at this time of year which is why you’ll see “go foraging in nature” not for edible bits and bobs like people usually would, but more for pretty bits and bobs for more creative flat lays that I’m obsessed with making at the moment.

Autumn bucket list 2020

A Halloween party is big on my list, but I’d rather not have one this year if it meant I could go bigger and better next year. I was hoping to have one this year to celebrate Stewart’s 30th but I don’t have a feeling it’s going to happen unfortunately.

There’s one thing on my list that some people might look at and give it and understandable question. “Graveyard tour”. Personally I really enjoy walking around graveyards, they’re peaceful and there’s just something about them. I want to visit all my favourite graveyards over the Autumn period, mostly closer to Halloween because that just makes it all the more seasonal.

Autumn bucket list 2020

What’s on your bucket list this Autumn? Are you going to let COVID-19 get in the way?

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6 thoughts on “Autumn Bucket List 2020”

  • Haha, I totally get graveyard tours! I actually have a friend who likes to walk through the graveyard every day, checks the names on the stones and talks to them 😀 She gets loads of weird looks, but then again, if we go and talk to our loved ones’s graves, why couldn’t we say hi to the others as well! It’s only polite.

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  • Yess, I love your Autumn wishlist! I have lots I’d like to do this Autumn, including lots of walks and lots of chilling!

  • I’m with you. Graveyard tours are so relaxing and almost meditative. I like to go and leave offerings for the departed. I was hoping to do some pumpkin picking or going to a corn maze But I think most are closed down this year and it hurts. So I’m going to try and pick a solitary thing that I’ve never done before. Maybe make my own mulled cider or chai. Anyway, I love your list and your blog.

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