Autumn Bucket List 2019

Autumn Bucket List 2019

Here we are. Autumn has officially around the corner and how are you enjoying the autumnal vibes on the blog at the moment? I’m quite loving it myself, however, am already planning my Halloween re-vamp or October time. I’m hoping that this Autumn bucket list 2019 will be more successful than my summer bucket list which felt like a complete waste of time doing because barely anything was actually ticked off and that was slightly disheartening, to say the least.

Autumn Bucket List 2019

  • Go on an Autumnal Photoshoot. – I am a photographer first and foremost before anything else however that certainly doesn’t feel like the case these days. I am so completely stumped for places to go, inspiration and time ( because Stewart only gets two days off a week and nobody else wants to go places with me) that my photography is seriously suffering and it’s the one thing that is really making my life a bit miserable at the moment. I feel like it’s been assumed that because I don’t want to photograph people anymore and that I’m no longer in education that my photography journey is over and it’s time to now be a soon to be a full-time mum. Nope. If that’s what the assumptions are then that’s completely wrong. I plan to take my baby on all kinds of adventures with me in the future with my camera. If you don’t believe me just watch.
  • Autumnal Dog Walk. – One of life’s most simple pleasures is walking my dogs. The happiness on their little furry faces spreads right to the tips of their tails and it makes all the stress of actually getting them to a location to walk to worth it. Usually, when we’re traveling in the car Noah in particular whines like there’s no tomorrow, not through being scared or nervous either, he’s just genuinely that excited about his pending adventure that he can’t shut up about it.
  • Take Birdie on an autumnal outing to the woods. – OK, so, earlier this month I ordered one of those cute little bird backpacks that meant you could take your bird out with you. (I’ll link it below). I did this because I now know after Birdie’s little escape scenario that she clearly wants to explore the big wide world however, is too small to be able to fit in any harness we seem to buy of the internet so for the time being she’s going to have to put up with a bag to explore the great outdoors in. Imagine how insanely adorable the Instagram photographs would be.
  • Celebrate Halloween. – Obviously, an Autumn bucket-list staple. Needs no explanation, to be honest, but, every year I host a Halloween party, kit the house out and have a good time with family. Admittedly last years I felt was a bit of a flop and like some people didn’t want to be there at all which is really shitty when you’ve spent the money to host a gathering for people to enjoy, others however, really pushed the boat out and seriously didn’t disappoint with their efforts – so to say that I am a bit comprehensive about throwing a gathering this year is an understatement but I’ve got about a week to decide fully what im doing and then I can maybe throw out the invites.


  • Celebrate Bonfire Night. – Another favourite of mine for this time of year is bonfire night and what strikes me the most about it is the glorious scents and goodies around it. The smell of gunpowder, the food at any bonfire event, toffee apples. It’s just all bloody wonderful and yet again another great excuse to get together with family and make memories together.


  • Decorate for Autumn & Halloween. – The reason these two are put together is simply that most of my decor all is the same anyway. Autumn to me is the season of Halloween and in my household, that’s what it will always be. How awesome is my child’s life going to be????

Winter doesn’t officially start until the 22nd of December, which is crazy to think about when that’s only 3 days before Christmas and appears to seem a lot more winter-like before them. Autumn doesn’t seem to last 5 minutes when you judge by your body clock.

What things are on your Autumn Bucket list 2019?


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7 thoughts on “Autumn Bucket List 2019”

  • Oh my gosh, dont the seasons fly by these days. I love the crispy leaves of autumn, a photo shoot sounds amazing! I was recently bought a new camera but it has too many buttons for me to be successful at using it 🤣 I am so envious of your talent,

    Great bucket list, hope you get them all ticked off! Thanks for sharing,

    H x

    • they fly so quickly I can hardly keep up. It’s taken me a lot of years to get where i am in regards of my photography and working a camera. Pretty sure it took me 3 years to master working a camera manually! xxx

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