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Annie Leibovitz Homage

For many years I have found myself lusting over photographers work, but Annie Leibovitz just brings something else.

During my final year of college, to help me through my studies I purchased her debut book ‘Portraits 2005-2016’

Which is full of some absolutely amazing works by her from portraits of the queen to proper Hollywood celebrities. There was one particular image that I wanted to recreate though and that was the one of Jimmy Fallon in mime-like makeup. The photograph is very cinematic and staged and the lighting was just stunning. I had to have a go at it myself and I had the perfect model for the job as well. 

Due to my brother spending a lot of time with me when this shoot was done, I had decided to make him good for something other than sitting on my sofa and create my Annie Leibovitz homage that I had so desperately been wanting to do. A bonus part was that I got to put makeup on my brother which was GREAT fun. 


Andrew, my brother enjoyed this shoot way too much than he should of but he was a good sport never the less and was able to help me achieve something and it was better than us just sat there on our mobile phones or playing video games. It’s certainly created a memory that’s for sure.

These images were taken using a Canon 6D paired with a 50mm 1.4 lens which I think worked really well. I simply just set up a seat and a softbox in my living room and started shooting. A slightly lazy approach but it worked amazingly and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

annie leibovitz

annie leibovitz

annie leibovitz


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