An Update.

Hi. It’s been a while since I updated you all on what we’ve been getting up to so here I am doing just that. We’ve been doing absolutely nothing. It’s starting to get hard now, staying in and not visiting family, whilst it was hard before now its hard and emotionally draining on everyone involved. Minnie’s growing and changing every day and that means people are missing out.

We’ve got out the house and gone for a walk in the park with Minnie in her new pram adjustment, This walk she was able to look around and see the sights and her little face was lit up the whole time. It was nice to walk around the park, it’s not something we do enough of to be fair considering that it is actually allowed under the lockdown restrictions but it was just tough mentally preparing for it.


I’ve also been planning a lot more content to post. It’s been quite hard to do as I’ve been in a very bad creative slump and found it hard to get my brain working on anything other than simple functions throughout the day. I even tried double-dosing up on my caffeine intake and found that it didn’t help in the slightest, but I’ve finally managed to get some planned and started noting things I want to include in each post.

The weather has been touch and go and whilst it’s been nice to be able to chill and not sweat uncontrollably, I really need that sunshine and blue skies and warmer temperatures back, especially now that we can travel to destinations to take photographs.

All in all, though, we’re doing ok here. Just trying to get by one day at a time and it is (thank the lord) still flying by and I hope it stays that way. What have you been up to?

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