an escaped bird

AN ESCAPED BIRD – Weekly Update 12/08/19-18/08/19

Hey and welcome back. Grab a cup of tea, coffee or whatever it is that you drink and let’s catch up. The last week was actually pretty chilled and it’s been nice; That was up until Sunday when we had a bit of an event that made sure we were all still alive and got our blood pumping.

As you may have seen earlier this week we went to see the Dinosaur exhibition at The Collection Gallery. It was really nice to get out of the house and spend time with family as I don’t really get out of the house much to socialise these days. If you haven’t already read the post you can do that here.

Not much was happening for the rest of the week, it was chilled and I actually managed to get a lot of work done for the blog, which is great but also very boring and I can’t imagine you’re all that interested with that, to be honest, but never the less, it was a part of my week.

On Friday we took a trip to Gainsborough to have a coffee with the family, have dinner with mum, she cooked us a cracking bolognaise, chilled and then brought home my sister with me for the weekend, It was initially going to be spent with Stewart cutting the grass but the weather was wet, miserable and just not the weather for chopping that lawn. Even though Nik came to stay for the weekend we didn’t actually do much.

Stewart suggested that we had a drawing competition which had Stewart throwing a lot of tantrums, Nicola and I proving how alike we are even more by drawing the same things almost every round and then it ended in us drawing really bad caricatures of each other that were actually really, really terrifying.

An Escaped Bird

So, when you think the week is over and that you’re not going to experience much more excitement, YOUR PARROT DECIDES TO FLY OUT THE FRONT DOOR. Literally. My sister Lucy came through my door and Birdie decided to fly straight out without the slightest bit of hesitation and there was no avoiding the situation. She was eating her treat bell on her cage, heard the door and flew straight out. she landed on the carport that’s located straight out the front door, beady-eyed us and then started bobbing her head, to which I knew she was gonna be a cow, not come back in. Turning a long story into a short one we spent an hour looking for her and eventually got her in, we found her on a fence in someone’s garden and I managed with a swift snatch to grab her and put her back in her cage where she stayed for the next 5 hours as punishment.

I knew I was going to get her back, I just felt it in my bones but never the less, she was a little crap bag about it, even when we found her on the fence down the road in someone’s garden she saw us and started squawking and bobbing her head. Scared she was not. Giddy and excited she WAS!


Photographs From The Week

an escaped birdan escaped birdan escaped bird


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