Am I A City Or Country Girl?

I find myself asking the question am I city or a country girl a lot more now I am older and am asking myself those questions about where I see my forever home. I love the business of a city, but not a small city. Personally I really hate living in Lincoln and I find the city not very friendly at all, however Manchester I’ve always felt at home and completely at ease walking around it.

This baffles me a lot because as a person with anxiety you’d think the bigger city would scare me the most, however you’ll find that the people you see around Lincoln are a lot different to the ones that you might see walking around Manchester city center and that’s simply because, the ‘troublesome’ people are a lot easier to come across in Lincoln because of how small the city is, where as Manchester is much bigger and everything is spread out over a much larger space. Granted, however, that no matter where you are you’re always going to run into butt heads and troublemakers. Unfortunately the world is full of them.

Then, I find that when I go to the mountains I feel like I’m home. It’s strange because I find myself questioning a lot can somewhere be your home if it’s never been your home? I’d say absolutely. Home is where you feel most comfortable and at ease and for me that is away in the mountains. I’d definitely say I am a country girl through and through even though I’ve always grown up in a small city, as long as there is a city near enough my countryside home I think that my life would be absolutely complete.

As much as I love the rush of city life, I absolutely adore being able to sit and listen to the wonderful sounds of nature, take in the surroundings and not worry about anyone around me. The dream is to be able to sit in my back garden without the surrounding noises of the city and listen as the night creeps in.

What about you? Are you more of a city person or a country person?

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