Addressing The Stigma Around Working At Home

Working From Home

Why is there a stigma around working from home? Does working from home really mean you’re sat doing nothing all day and that you don’t work as hard if you’re working at home.

Why is working from home considered to be the “lazy” way to work when actually, it’s actually far from it’s misconception. Since leaving college back in May this year, I’ve worked from home solidly. I’ve been keeping my blog going, which isn’t easy when you’re motivation is running low and I’ve also been developing my new photography business brand.

Working from home can be a mixture of your best friend and worst enemy, let me explain why…

The Pro’s and Cons of working from home


– you can make your own hours.

– you can work in any environment, whether it be in a cafe or in your bed.

– You don’t have to socialize with a ton of people you probably don’t like.

– Unlimited coffee and food, literally whenever you want. No need to wait for set coffee and dinner breaks.



– Your working hours can become very, unhealthy.

– It’s hard to differentiate your home between your work environment, which corresponds to the above point.

– Because you’re working from home, people automatically assume that you’re doing nothing. 

– It can be lonely working from home, making friends in the workplace isn’t an option unless you go make friends with the flies in the bin…

Personally, I absolutely love working from home. I love the fact I have all the time and freedom in the world to do my work and I don’t have to worry about socializing or pleasing others in the workplace. I’m working on creating my dream and empire, on my own without the bother of other people.

Every day working on my blog(s) requires tons of admin and updates to make sure that they run as smoothly as possible. Photographs need to be taken and not only that, self-marketing takes up the most time.

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  1. Len

    I honestly think most people who work from home usually work more hours than other people, because of the whole home/work environment thing you mention. And of course starting up a business takes a lot of time. I’d love to work from home someday because flexible work hours would be ideal with my chronic illness – but the cons you mention will definitely be a challenge!

    1. Post

      I’m not going to lie, it’s hard and its so easy to be distracted but i’ve practiced self dicipline so much that i’m now good at telling myself no! x

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