About Me – Lincolnshire Lifestyle Blogger

I’m Shannon, Lincolnshire ‘born and bred’ as they would say. A proper ‘yellow belly’. I live in a bungalow on top of a hill with my partner in crime, Stewart and our collection of animals.

I’m 26 years old and for a good 10 years of those years, I have been a passionate, always learning photographer however, It was a couple of years ago  that I decided to start blogging more seriously and purchase a self hosted blog to share my photography experiences and knowledge as well as my life that’s full of 20 furry friends that rely on me to keep them safe, healthy and alive. Prior to this I used to make websites all the time, since the age of 13 I was creating Piczo site’s as well as good old Myspace and Bebo. 

Unfortunatly, my professional photography work no longer get’s published on this site and now has it’s very own brand which you can check out if you’d like; The Imagery Cosmos

Lincolnshire Lifestyle Blogger

I have a degree in BA (Hons) Lens Based Media, have books published in the Kindle market, had my work published in The Guild Of Master Craftsmen, Lincolnshire Echo, and The Lincolnite.