A trip to the Peak District and Bathing a Giant Rabbit.

Hello! It’s that time of the week where I update you on what’s been going down. I’m desperate to make these posts more interesting but trying to find people to make plans within the week is beyond difficult. Nobody wants to see or come visit me so it seems so there’s not a lot to really talk about sadly for. A weekly update.

I’ve been doing a lot of work this week in regards to creating material for both of my blogs. Stewart and I ventured to the Peak District on Thursday to get out of the house and blow off those cobwebs and more importantly to go and take some photographs for my Photography Blog. The Imagery Cosmos.

The weather was stunning and it felt so spring like and it was beautiful. I managed to get some cool photographs and if you want to see them please go over to my photography blog. All of my Infrared stuff will be uploaded over there.

We visited Winnats pass, that we always visit when we go to the peak District and then we accidently found Surprise view and Owler Tor. Two beautiful and incredibly fun locations that you should 100% visit if you get the opportunity.

It just by chance happened that my sister was also in the Peak District so we met up before we went home and created some funny memories.

I’m not going to lie but I miss my bird an awful lot when I’m not at home with her. It still baffles me how such a small creature can have such a massive impact.


Bathing The Giant Rabbit

I’d read online that you shouldn’t bath rabbits and for a while, Odin (female flemish giant) has been suffering from seriously dirty fur and mites and our mite treatments weren’t doing anything for her and nor were the wash wipes we purchased. She’s also loosing so much weight due to her mites and honestly, I’ve been at my wit’s end trying to make it better for her.

We had gone into pets at home to get some essentials for the animal brood and more parasite medication for Odin and that’s when I spotted the shampoo designed for rabbits, guinea pigs and rats and I thought surely if you weren’t able to bath rabbits they wouldn’t sell shampoo just for the occasion. So, anxiously I bit the bullet and bathed her.

I’ve always been one to act on gut instinct so this time was going to be no different Odin needed a deep wash and no wet wipe was coming close to the kind of cleaning she needed. So I popped the plug in the bath filled it about 1 and a half inches deep and put in a blanket to sit her on and started the process.

To my surprise she didn’t freak our and honestly seemed to quite enjoy the process of having a bath, it says all over the internet that rabbits are likely to go into shock which can kill them when bathed so I was pleasantly relieved when Odin didn’t seem at all scared of what she was experiencing.

Straight after her bath she was plonked into the warmest room in the house, brushed through and her parasite medication was applied to her skin. She’s already 2 days after bath and treatment looking for much better and perhaps in a week I’ll upload a progress post if that’s something you’d be interested in seeing.

Pictures From The Week

surprise view peak district

surprise view peak district

surprise view peak district

surprise view peak district

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