A Reflection On 2019

Here we are, coming to the end of another year, can you believe it? This year has been a funny one, It’s been testing, emotional and extremely exciting.

We started off the year by loosing our Flemish giant rabbit, Odin. That was incredibly sad and hard and to have that followed not long by losing Benji, the second biggest rabbit in the house it really beat us down for a while as well as loosing our two remaining hamsters also but  on the positive side of things, we acquired more pets along the way, which unfortunately I don’t see happening at all next year, but we have something much more exciting coming which, if you follow my blog you’ll know what.

On my birthday I got my rats, Charles and Ted, They’re not the rats i’d hoped for as when we got them they were already a couple of months old and set in their ways, they didn’t want to play and no matter how much time I spent with them, getting them to come out of their cage and play with us just wasn’t an option. They wanted to stay in their cage and that was that. We also go Myra this year, probably the biggest rabbit we have ever owned and certainly the most destructive and active. She’s a continental giant and my god, she has the personality of a horse.

Back in May this year, May the 12th to be precise, we found out we was expecting our first baby! I remember the day like it was yesterday, I’d done so many tests the month’s prior that it became almost routine to pee on the stick and sit it on the side, to come back, look at it and see nothing on it, no second line. When I saw that second line on the 12th of May, Stewart had just gone out to the shop and I had to call him to come straight home because I was absolutely buzzing by the faint second line that had appeared on the test and from that moment on they just kept getting stronger and now, we’re in the last week of December in 2019 and I am 2 weeks away from having a little baby girl.

First Trimester Pregnancy Journals

This year, and I completely put the reason down to pregnancy, I became a completely different version of myself. I became stronger and more determined. I felt it easier to connect with people, that bubble I found myself hiding in popped and I suddenly had so much faith and pride in myself. I have been growing a baby for most of the year and that is an incredible thing, and to say I am excited is an understatement. It has also improved my relationships with people. I’ve taken less crap, stuck to my guns and bonded with people more. 

I also became an auntie for the first time. Stewart’s sister birthed the most beautiful baby boy. He was so tiny and to think of how different he looks now, 8 months down the line is absolutely incredible, you’d not think he was the same child that came weeks prematurely. He has seriously brightened up this year too, to say the least.

mothers day 2019

All in all this year has been hard. I’ve had to deal with family suffering with their own personal issues, i’ve dealt with loss of my furbabies and experienced a lot of financial stumps but i’ve had the most wonderful help and support system around me that I am going into 2020 with a clear mind, happy mind and it feels great. There’s so much more I can reflect on, like taking the plunge and making myself a Mrs Moore, but it was such a simple affair that honestly, there’s not that much to say about it.

I hope you all have a wonderful 2020. Let’s make it great.

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