A NEW BABY; Minnie-Jean Lavinia Moore

A NEW BABY; Minnie-Jean Lavinia Moore

Hello and welcome back. Things have changed massively around here this week. regular reader you’ll know why, but if you’re new, this week we had a baby!!!!

Monday the 13th January 2020 at 02:07pm we welcomed our little bundle of joy into the world via planned c-section, which I am going to write about in a separate post. (I’ll link here when live.) Monday was such a surreal, whirlwind experience to say the least an I would 100% re-live it all over again, despite the anxiety surrounding it because it was just the most amazing experience of my whole life. 

Monday night, transitioning into the early hours of Tuesday morning was particularly hard, I didn’t sleep at all, the hospital ward was so hot that sweat was dripping off of me, Stewart stayed the night with me and we supported each other through our first night of us being parents, in a very hot, noisy hospital ward.

The hardest part of this week has ultimately been getting everyone in to visit without people being ‘upset’. By Wednesday most people had visited and left us be for a couple of days on our own, which was lovely, but little babe has been so chilled that it’s been a breeze so far.


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Minnie - Jean Lavinia Moore

Born at 02:07, weighing 7lb 13oz on the 13th January 2020
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