A Letter To Santa – Blogmas Day 2

A Letter To Santa – Blogmas Day 2

This is my letter to Santa


Dear Santa,


I feel like this year has been a really tough one, not just for me but other people around me too. We’ve learned from our mistakes and would love it for a little bit of luck for 2019 for Christmas. For things to start looking up not just for me but members of my family too. I’d also like health to be brought to all my friends, family and pets, my pets especially as they have been super sick this year and cost an absolute fortune. 


I would also really like these ”people” who keep taking liberties by moaning about everything with ”man” in the name. The most recent one I’ve seen is to do with the Lion King, spilling some crap about it indicating that because it’s not called Lion Queen it’s indicating that women can’t rule or some absolute poppycock like that. What about Swan Princess then?? Can someone please knock these women back down a peg or two that think because we were once below men that we should now be above them. Everyone deserves to be treated the same and looking into the INNOCENT names of shops and whatever else is just stupid. I mean. admittedly I’m not that educated on the matter, but it doesn’t mean it’s not blooming annoying.

Now for the materialistic part of my list, if you please, 

I would really like a McCaw or Amazon Green Parrot, Please, Thank you very much. I would like a ton of cute notebooks and pens because they’re adorable and keep me being productive. I’d like anything spiritual or crystal related and would really appreciate some more games for my Nintendo Switch, preferably a Super Mario one or the Sega one that’s due to be released pretty soon.


Thank you for reading Santa, I promise that if I get everything on my list for Christmas I will be a super good girl for the whole of 2019.





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