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A Great Week – Sunday Sum Up 19/08/2018

Monday we bought a new fish tank due to having 5 fishes die this week and we decided to downgrade to a smaller one, being terrible at being able to bin old things when replaced by new though, we decided to bring our 3 pond fish indoors which is a decision I am extremely happy with as they are chunky boys and look fabulous. Our other tank looks pretty nice too however, we noticed that the 5 fish that died had white spot which we found out on Tuesday when our tiger fishy died.

anne geddes

Tuesday was an errand day if you like, we had jobs to do around the house and garden. The main tackle was the garden, but I cut the grass in literally 15-20 minutes whilst Stewart distracted the dogs and went foraging for fruit down In the deep depths of the garden.

anne giddes

Wednesday I went to Torksy car boot sale with my mum, nan, Eli, Nicola and Thomas. I picked up a few little treasures. I found an amethyst crystal for 50p, some beautiful earrings for £1 and a Anne Geddes book – A photographer I’ve never heard of before. It’s a book on baby photographs and honestly, it’s absolutely stunning and since looking through it my inspiration is flying sky high.

anne geddes

Thursday I spent the day at my dads, revisiting some old memories and just chatting about random bits and bobs. and just generally had a really lovely day and enjoyed spending time with my dad reminiscing about his childhood, there’s nothing better than your parents speaking about their memories. It’s one of my favourite things to do with them.

Friday I spent most of the day cleaning, lounging and doing nothing. It was nice but it didn’t take long for me to become bored and that is legit that.

Saturday, Stewart was off work, the first Saturday he’s had of in a while. We didn’t do much though, nipped into town to get a few bits and bobs and then went to pick up Nicola to help break my week up and do some photographs with.

anne geddes

Today, Sunday Is mainly about getting the house back in order, drinking my body weight in coffee and later we are going to go on our own ghost walk with my sister and our own researched stories. The last time we did this we scared my brother with the story of Constance and the Lincoln Cathedral.

How was your week and do you have anything good planned for the upcoming week?

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