A Breakthrough Week!

A Breakthrough Week!

Hey and welcome back for another update on this past week! As I am writing this I have a very, attention hungry Conure pecking at my finger tips and not enjoying the bliss-full sound of Justin Bieber playing, she’s got another thing coming if she thinks i’m going to turn it off.

This week started with a family trip to the seaside and if you missed my photo diary on that you can see that here; 

Day At Cleethorpes – Photo Album

We had a good day I think, everyone seemed relatively happy, it was a bit chilly on occasions but unless it’s the midst of summer it always is at the beaches here in the UK.

The most of this week was spent outdoors, making the most of the nice weather and honestly, we haven’t done it in such a long time and so we made the effort to make sure we did. We took the dogs for a walk down the river bank near our house, but instead of taking our usual route, we decided to adventure the other side and poast the factories and there we encountered giants and dragons. 

We also ventured to Boutham Park. We’ve explored almost all of Lincoln together asides from this park, it holds many memories there for me, good and bad and it’s always felt like a big deal to be able to go back and i’ve often put it off. Friday I was feeling really good mentally so we decided to take a visit. visitng a place you’ve not been to in ten years is a surreal experience and honestly, i had no idea how i’d feel about it but you can read that here; 


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