A 12th and a 21st Birthday.

A 12th and a 21st Birthday.

Hello & welcome back. This week hasn’t exactly been fast moving, in fact it’s been extremely slow and that’s due to Stewart’s days off taking at the very end of the week due to him opening a new Vodaphone store in Gainsborough.

So most of the week was spent sat in the comfort of my own home, redesigning my blog, thoroughly cleaning my house because I’m almost certain that my nesting stage has kicked in already and then Friday onwards I spent the weekend celebrating birthdays!

On Saturday it was my little brother Tom’s 12th birthday and my step brother Andrew’s 21st. We spent the morning at Jump inc, throwing Andrew off the scent that he was going to have a surprise birthday party later and wasn’t going to see us again for the rest of the day… Obviously me being in the heavily pregnated state that I’m in couldn’t join in but I got to sit and watch whilst having the most delicious refillable slush puppy’s. After the session has finished we all said our goodbyes and parted ways as if we weren’t going to reunite that evening… Oh I do love a good surprise party.

The party was great, it was so nice to be able to spend time with family and celebrate. It’s one of my favourite things to do as you all may know and I’m pretty sure Andrew had a great time.

Sunday we ventured to Brigg garden centre for Thomas’s birthday. I was surprised to see how much had been added since I’d last went. There was some really cool attractions to play with, we had lunch and browsed the beautiful Christmas section and got all the Christmassy feels. The highlight of the day was most definitely my sister and brother going on a roller coaster simulator, I’ve not laughed so hard in a while. (To see more photos, stay tuned for the November in Photo’s blog post.)

To say I was tired from the night before was an understatement and I was keeping my eyes open with match sticks on the way home and spent the evening then chilling and eating left over food from Andrews party, making myself feel physically sick.

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