7 Thing’s I Believe In

A lot of people have their own beliefs about stuff and I find it absolutely fascinating reading about other peoples theories and opinions. Every single person is different and we all have individual thoughts whether they are influenced by other people’s or not. All of our own personal experiences build up what or how we believe in things.


I am a big believer in karma over anything else in the whole world. What goes around certainly comes around. I guess you could say that I have learnt this the hard way through personal experience, however, I find a lot of comfort knowing in that karma will do my revenge better than I ever could and therefore, I get to keep my hands and conscience clean.

I’d like to believe that there are extraterrestrials out there that are smarter than us but on the other hand, I debate myself with if there were, wouldn’t they be here already? We are able to travel through space to other planets, so surely if there was another life form out there, they’d have been here already. Maybe they’re that smart they’re staying away from our planet seeing as we’re all out to destroy ourselves. Aliens are most definitely out there, I just couldn’t possibly comment on how smart or what life form they have.
I believe that you don’t need to be blood to be family. Whether you’re blood or not people still screw you over in life and this is just one of those things you have to just breathe in and let karma deal with. There are people that aren’t blood, potentially that you haven’t known that long that feel like family.  Family is all about the people who believe in you, support you and that you believe in and support back. Family, is all about everybody being on an equal level and mutual respect.
Every once in a while, a good cry does you the world of good. Nothing feels better than a good old ugly cry. Wouldn’t you agree?

Mental Health Is Not A Limitation
There is a lot of misunderstood views when it comes to mental health. Some people assume that because you have a mental health problem, no matter what the kind that people are unable to do things, I mean I’m a mess mentally, and look at me, I’ve proved everyone wrong and am one step away from achieving my degree.
This one is a hard one for me to admit because I feel there can be a lot of judgement from other people, however Tarot has become something I heavily rely on in my life and maybe in the future I will share with you how it’s helped me make some important life decisions over these past few weeks.
Being Outdoors Is Medicine For The Soul
Unless you have some medical reason as to why going outside is not good for you of course, but if you don’t have an unfortunate illness that prevents you from going outdoors you’ll probably find that going out will make you feel a whole load better about everything in your life. You get to breath fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature and just connect with the earth. Some of us have certain things that maybe we feel is more beneficial than others, for me being in the midst of the mountains allows me to fully gain clarity and heal. It allows me to look at things in a realistic perspective. How small our problems are in relation to the size of the world around us.
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