50 things that make me happy.

50 things that make me happy.

Have you ever sat and made a list of all the things that make you happy? Sometimes, life gets tough, nothing particularly changes in your life, but your mindset tells you that at this moment in time you’re not happy, even though you are.

I only have myself to use as an example of this. I’ve got a roof over my head, an absolute tribe of animals living with me, a supportive partner of whatever I want to do. I have complete control over every element of my life (except unwanted vet bills of course.) but that doesn’t stop me from waking up on occasions and feeling like I’m happy with nothing.

Your mind is your own worst enemy at the best of times and it’s important to ground yourself. Write a list of what makes you happy when you’re feeling down in the dumps. You’d be surprised at how powerful writing a list can really be.

50 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Laughing until you cry.

2. My dogs

3. My cats

4. My guinea piggies

5. My hamsters

6. My rabbits

7. My birdes

8. Drawing

9. Painting

10. Photographing

11. The smell of fresh cut grass

12. When everything goes as it should

13. Being productive.

14. Snow days – They’re so pretttyyyyyyyy

15. Weddings

16. Family events

17. Celebrating

18. Being in nature

19. The seaside

20. The mountains

21. Climbing mountains. I belong in the mountains.

22. Fortnite – yes.

23. Make up – Life savour.

24. Blogging – A way for me to express myself and my experiences to other people on the internet. So many blogs helped me through times in my life and I hope that mine if not already will one day help someone who may need it.

25. Instagramming – I like documenting my life in tiny little squares. As a photographer it makes me very happy.

26. Halloween – MY TIME OF YEAR BABY

27. Christmas

28. The smell of tinsel – Every shop I enter that has tinsel, I will smell it. It is the ultimate smell of Christmas.

29. Nutella and banana waffles – I’d eat these every single day if possible.

30. Getting in bed after a long day. – No better feeling, tell me i’m wrong.

31. Autumnal walks – The colours make it worth the while.

32. Late summer night walks – Love to make the most of the longer days because when winter comes around we are sure to miss it.

33. Listening to The 1975 – Obviously.

34. Thinking about The 1975 – Mmm,  Matty Healy.

36. Going to see The 1975 – Absolute bliss, almost drug like.

37. Christmas movies – Does not need explaining.

38. Rainy days at Christmas time – Dull and dingey outside but that’s okay because the house is toasty and sparkly. (Check out my post on how Christmas decorations can improve your mental health)

39. Spooning my dog – Noah, He makes for the perfect little spoon.

40. Happy people – Yeah, there’s nothing worse than going to the shops and being greeted by the mardiest cashier you could possibly have met.

41. Happy Family

42. Having family stay over

43. People who make an effort to come see you

44. Helping others – Always puts a smile on my face when I know I’ve taken a weight of someone else.

45. Planning Parties – I enjoy planning the parties more than actually enjoying them.

46. Being right! –  Of course. Who doesn’t this make happy?

47. Rom Coms

48. Saving Mr. Banks – Honestly the only film to make me cry with happiness!)

49. Walking around town at Christmas time .

50. Making Lists!


If you made it through my list, wow you’re a trooper for sure. What’s on your list of things that make you happy?

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