5 Unique Scrapbooks You Need Right Now!

Unique Scrapbooks

I am a stationary freak at the best of times but nothing gets me more excited about getting creative than a good old unique scrapbook. The thing is I like my scrapbooks to look unique. I don’t just want to use a plain paper pad and stick a load of crap in it, I want a beautiful exterior on a scrapbook to indeed, fill with a load of crap, whether that be memories, photographs, doodles or literally anything and everything that I find interesting. I am currently sporting two scrapbooks, one for family days out that i’ve been working on for just under a year, which will be coming to the blog soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that and one to document my pregnancy, which I have been quite slack with if I’m honest, but I am currently looking into purchasing a new one for when little one arrives and I can fill it with so many pictures and memories for her.

5 Unique Scrapbooks You Need Right Now


This scrapbook is to absolutely die for. Admittedly it’s a little on the more pricey range at £34.99 but for such a beautiful, sleek leather design you can’t really be disgruntled by the price. 

I think this would make for a perfect photo album scrapbook for adventures that you take in your life, keep and treasure those memories forever.


I adore the colour of this book so much as well as the embossed design on the front. This book could make the most perfect poem archive or sketch book. Personally, I’d love to make this into a bullet journal and put whatever I like into it. The vintage aesthetic makes it a winner for me.


I have a wooden scrapbook already that i briefly mentioned above and inside it I am creating a archive of family days out with fun and quirky names that will not only appeal to children but  imaginative and adventurous adults too.

I love the wooden exterior of the scrapbook personally, it helps protect the pages inside more and gives you room to add in photographs if you choose to. It’s a really smart book to whack out and show off to all your family and friends too.


Is felt more up your street than wood or leather? This simple, yet quirky design of scrapbook is gorgeous and easy on the eyes and perfect for all your creative needs, whatever they may be and would also make for a great gift for the creative person in your life too! 

I think this would make a gorgeous little DIY activity book for a child  in your life.


how vampy is this sexy little beast? I adore this scrapbook so much, it looks like somewhere you’d store all your secrets and stories and is perfect for a personal little journal that you can carry round with you everywhere and drop inside any little bit of inspiration that hits you throughout the day 

What did you think of the scrapbooks listed above? were they ‘up your street’ and will you be purchasing any for either yourself or someone close to you? Let me know in the comments below. I think I’ll be purchasing the Vintage Minlna scrapbook myself for photographs of adventures with my husband and daughter.

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