5 Confessions From a Bunny Addict!

 Benji: photo by Shannon Matthews Fine Art Photography

I promise to tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about looking after 5 bunny rabbits. The fascination with rabbits started when I fell in love with my friends bunny rabbit via Snapchat.

It wasn’t until February this year when I finally made the jump to getting my first bunny rabbit, courtesy of my momma bear for my birthday. Since then I’ve had 5 more, although sadly we lost one a few weeks ago due to illness.

Bronson (excuse the pile of clothes in the background and the cat cleaning her bits, she has no shame.)



Little miss sassy pants, Olive.

Confession number 1, It’s certainly not easy.
What can be so hard about looking after a rabbit I hear you say, HA! A rabbit isn’t just a rabbit. A rabbit is a sickly and sensitive animal, especially house rabbits, (which mine are!) as they are prone to snuffles. We’ve been to the vets in the last couple of months far too many times.

Confession number 2, Dwarf rabbits are sassy!
I have 2 Dwarf rabbits, Olive and Bronson; both of these are grumpy little monkeys. Olive likes to take a jump at the dogs and cats and Bronson follows her lead. They are partners in crime and both honk when you go near them and they don’t want to be fussed.

Alfie and Bronson

Confession number 3, They’re the best!
I cannot emphasize how amazing bunnies are. Before I’d never have thought that rabbits would have such big personalities but they honestly are amazing little fluff balls, When we lost pip there was a massive gap in our lives, from such a little fluff pot. The love you’ll develop for a bunny is completely unconditional and make up for all their annoying habits.

Confession number 4, You will always be hoovering up bunny poop. 
I have litter trays and they have cages in the ”bunny room” where they usually do their business but occasionally they will have the happy little hop around the house, leaving you some chocolate looking treats all over the floor.

Healy: Photo by Shannon Matthews Fine Art Photography

Confession number 5, You’ll be replacing lots of cables!
Unless you have seriously bunny proofed your house, the moment they see a wire, they will chew it. Luckily none of mine have chewed through wires that have been turned on, but one of them has recently chewed threw my Christmas tree lights whilst they were off. Goodbye, beautiful, sparkly Christmas tree.

lil poppet Blue. The quietest and most cuddly out the bunch.
All of my babies, including Pip. RIP precious little girlie x


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