48 Hours Without Wi-Fi – What I Learnt

Imagine the heart wrenching moment you’re told you have to go a whole day or two without WiFi. How nauseous you suddenly feel due to the fear speeding through your veins. You’re plagued by the single question, What am I going to do without the Wi-Fi???


48 hours without Wi-Fi

The day started out just like every other day. I woke up had my breakfast and drank my morning coffee whilst catching up on my social media via my phone network. – Usually after this I would open up YouTube or Netflix on my laptop or iPad and binge watch something whilst getting ready. Not this time. This time I had to get ready to nothing but music. Something I used to do every morning until Netflix and YouTube took over my life.

48 hours without Wi-Fi

Lesson 1;

You get ready much quicker when your attention is 100% on what you’re doing and not watching YouTube or Netflix. On a ‘normal’ day I wouldn’t finish getting ready till gone 1 o clock in the afternoon. Currently, as I am writing this it is 13:06pm and I’ve gotten up, washed, got dressed and done my make up, hoovered the house, bleached the kitchen and bathroom, done loads of laundry.

Who knew that having a morning without Wi-Fi could be so productive and free up more for my day to do my work.

Lesson 2;

Lesson two kind of stems off of the back of lesson 1. Wi-Fi makes you lazy. I’m sorry but it absolutely does. I mean, read lesson one.


Lesson 3;

I was forced to do the things I enjoy the most be that crafting, photographing or writing posts to share with you. I was able to do this without the distraction. Sure, maybe I could have used my phone data to binge on the internet with but who wants to use up all of their data when they’re plan has only just refreshed.. not me.#

48 hours without Wi-Fi


48 hours without Wi-Fi

Lesson 4;

You really understand the true feeling of boredom. Times that boredom feeling you get when scrolling through your phone by about 5 and you have the true meaning of boredom. You’ll end up walking round the house, desperately looking for something to do to amuse yourself.


We got our Wi-Fi back and the next morning I found myself in bed, wasting time making playlists and watching Youtube. Some lesson’s aren’t there to be learned…


48 hours without Wi-Fi



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