25/11/17 Weekly What I Saw!

25/11/17 Weekly What I Saw!

It’s Saturday morning and yet again we are blessed with another beautiful day with the sunshine beating down on the world. It will never stop being magical waking up to the frosty dusting over the world in the mornings.

We’re already coming towards the end of November and I know I keep saying it but can someone please tell me where has this year gone???

I love Saturdays, to be honest, Saturdays feel like the only days that I actually fully get to myself to do what the hell I want. I have Tuesday’s too but they’re usually taken up by my college work. ”Coursework Tuesdays”. I was planning on sitting down and knuckling on with some work today and honestly I probably still could and might but right at this moment I just want to sit and watch Christmas movies all day and maybe play a bit of Call of Duty and shoot some bots!

As you will probably notice, this week I have been completely obsessed with the silvertone filter built into the iPhone camera app. It’s my fave!

Have an absolutely fab weekend.
















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