13-16 Weeks Pregnancy Journal

Week 13

Food, food, food and more food. I’ve had a lot of anxiety this week following my last appointment but asides from that my spirits have been high and I’ve been feeling a lot more like myself during this period. During week 13 I also had an appointment with a consultant about a planned c-section for reasons I’m not yet ready to disclose online. My mind was finally put at rest about any worries I was having and I had a rough idea of how things would be going. I was told I’d only be allowed one birthing partner, obviously my husband and that anyone else would be required to wait until visiting hours, I’m not going to lie this took me by surprise at first because I was under the impression that you still got two birthing partners (I’ve only really spoke about c-sections with people who have had emergencies and they would have had two in place anyway due to their birth choices but never the less it made it all the more confusing because I’ve had multiple people this week tell me I’d be allowed

More than one but this was something I’d have to clarify on my next appointment.) Towards the end of week 13 I found my motivation starting to creep back into my life and let me tell you, it was welcomed with a great big hug. How I’ve missed you motivation my friend.

Week 14

The lowest I’ve felt all pregnancy. The neighbor is getting the wall fixed and I’m stuck in a house with animals who are so used to going out via the cat flap when they want that they’ve been doing their business in the house and nobody has been here to clean it up and being pregnant, I’m not allowed to touch it but obviously I can’t just sit and look at it. I’ve also felt very lonely this week, it’s hit me that people will suddenly be all over me like a rash when baby is born but whilst baby is not here they’re not interested. I get that people want to see newborn babies and whatever else, but it’s just super insulting when people all of a sudden wanna be there because there’s a baby to play with. Hopefully, this is just my hormones doing their part and I will feel better in a week or two. People are still shocked by the absence of morning sickness, I, however, am not, I have a stomach of pure steel.

Week 15

THE MOST EXCITING WEEK SINCE SEEING MY BABY FOR THE FIRST TIME. On my first scan, it was tough to take it all in because of the sheer anxiety surrounding it but this week started off with a huge pick me up. We found out the gender of our baby! For years I knew what I wanted first and that didn’t change at all, however, once I found out I was pregnant I told myself I didn’t mind what I had and that I’d be happy with anything, true but there was one gender I wanted way more than the other. I know that sounds bad but typically, we all hope for one over the other. So our baby now has a name. I will be revealing whether our baby is a boy or a girl on here soon, I’ll go through our name choices and whatever else in that post but if you’re super impatient and really want to know you’ll find out somewhere on my social media’s.

It’s been really comforting to know I’m still, healthily not gaining weight. Whilst my belly is getting bigger with every waking day, it’s nice to know my thighs are getting that little bit smaller too.

I had my first mental health meeting with the antenatal team this week. That was an experience. Two of the people I spoke with were really nice and comforting but one, one was an absolute dick head and I just felt was trying to catch me out somewhere over why we were having the meeting in the first place and I left feeling a mixture of uncomfortable and happy all at the same time. Uncomfortable with one aspect of the meeting but happy with the potential outcome in general.

Week 16


Week 16 and I’ve had 2 antenatal appointments scheduled. A care plan with the mental health department and my 16-week checkup.

Previously I’ve had so much information thrown at me that my mental health care plan appointment was a great opportunity for me to ask questions and clear up any queries I had in terms of birthing partners, visitors and just what exactly the procedure is and where I’ll be after. I’d read and been told briefly that you’re only allowed one birthing partner with a planned c-section, there was also a bit of confusion as to who would be allowed into the recovery room after the procedure and that would again only be the birthing partner due to having 3 other recovering mums in the same recovery room as me and visitors would only be allowed once onto a normal ward, and during visiting hours.

My experience was a bit wobbly to start with, my first mental health assessment was a bit touch and go and didn’t leave me with much faith but since the antenatal team has really pulled through in ensuring that I have the birth that’s best for me and my baby. My check up with the midwife was the standard stuff, blood pressure, weight, pee sample, and all that jazz.

I’m wondering at this point exactly when my cravings may kick in, it seems everyone around me is getting them for me, asides from myself. Things this week have become even more real. My sister got me the most adorable Moses basket that I am just in love with and to see it all coming together and having the support I need from everyone around me and nobody making me feel uncomfortable with decisions regarding my birth, the hospital’s rules around visitors and my antenatal team is just great.

Stay tuned for weeks 17-21 – you can read here now!



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  1. Sounds to me like you’re totally being a ‘normal’ mum to be. I really hope you’ll enjoy your pregnancy in the coming months and I’m genuinely delighted for you that you seem to be more ‘bloom’ than ‘balloon’. X

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