10 Things Everyone Loves At Christmas – Blogmas Day 5

10 Things Everyone Loves At Christmas – Blogmas Day 5

Christmas is coming. I can not only feel the festivities running through my veins but I can also see it running through the veins of other people and that is making me all the more giddy for the Christmas period. There are so many things to love about the holiday season, but admittedly there are a set amount that everyone loves regardless of everything else.

10 things Everyone Loves At Christmas

  1. The Music: As soon as that line kicks in, ”snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun, its the season love and understanding…..” you just can’t help but have a little jiggle to yourself and all of a sudden all is great in the world. TELL ME IM WRONG!
  2. The Snacks: The Chocolates, The Crisps and those little cheese appetizers that you can get holy moly.
  3. Receiving gifts that are thoughtful: You know the ones that people have thought about your gifts the most. I mean, this is different for everyone but you know what I mean when I say that the presents have been thoroughly thought out.
  4. Christmas Dinner: YUM, YUM, YUM
  5. Family  Time: Self-explanatory? Sometimes family can be a little too much, we all know that but still, our lives would be empty without those family.
  6. Watching Children Receiving Gifts: The ways that their eyes light up when you give them that beautifully, or not so beautifully wrapped present. The excitement in their face at the suspense of what they are about to unwrap.
  7. Beverages: Personally, I’m not a big alcohol drinker but that doesn’t mean that you can enjoy a good Christmas drink. It doesn’t need to be alcoholic, although on an alcoholic drink I do love at Christmas time is a good old mulled wine.
  8. Board Games With Family: Pretty much self-explanatory, not that people enjoy playing games with me.
  9. Relaxing with your Goodies: sitting down in front of the TV on Christmas evening with your festive treats, ah there really is nothing better..
  10. Christmas Shopping: Now I know you’re lying if you say you hate Chrimbo shopping. You probably hate Christmas shopping LATE. There’s nothing better than trudging around the shops when it’s getting dark outside and all the Christmas lights are on outside. Stewart and I have both agreed that this is one of our favorite things about the Christmas Period for sure.

Do you have any more things that everyone is sure to love around Christmas time? Society has developed us all into scrooges at this time of year, but its almost always fake. We all say we dislike Christmas because we think it’s what the world wants to hear.

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