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10 Quotes Uplifting Me Right Now

Quotes are amazing little things that you can find in all corners of the internet. I like to think of them as the free therapist/ councillor. If i’m feeling particularly frustrated with something in my life, I tend to gravitate towards Pinterest and spend hours looking at quotes and this helps get me into a mind space to help me deal with whatever it is that I am going through, whether that be a loss of a pet, an argument with a family member or I’m just disgruntled by someone or something in my life.

It’s easier, reading hundreds and thousands of quotes as apposed to talking to someone about whatever may be on my mind and that’s simply because people aren’t always accessible when you need them, quotes are accessible all the time, at any time of day, wherever you are.

So here are 10 quotes uplifting me right now.

10 Quotes Uplifting Me Right Now

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    1. Oh I love that and I totally feel that too. Im heart broken because my parrot flew away 2 weeks ago with not even a sighting from her and it’s broken my heart, and then i’m happy because i’ve had my baby for a month today.


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