10 facts about solar system

10 Cool Facts About Our Solar System.

Space is fascinating don’t you think? I can spend hours trawling through the internet looking at videos, websites and articles about space and what we know about it which is why I’ve decided to write my own post on 10 cool facts about our solar system. I love looking up at the sky on a clear night, spotting all those beautiful stars, and letting all those questions about what’s up there buzz through your brain. I have an app I like to use when I look up at the stars and I will if I can post a link to it below so that you can check it out too. It also tells you where Elon Musks satellites are too!

Through my hours and hours of browsing through the internet, I’ve gathered up together 10 of my favourite, or what I found the most interesting facts about space and our solar system that I thought that you’d like to know if you didn’t know them already.

10 Cool Facts About Our Solar System

10 facts about solar system
Image from Pixabay

Spacecrafts have visited every planet. We’ve been exploring space now for over 60 years and in that time we’ve managed to visit each planet in our solar system, we’ve even managed to pop in to see pluto and ceres too which are two dwarf planets within our solar system.

There’s a bar in the sky. At first, when I read this I was like, what? Really? but yeah, there’s a massive cloud in our solar system made entirely out of alcohol. It holds up to 400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ( 400 septillion) pints of alcohol. Bottoms up, party in space after lockdown? You’re all invited.

Uranus rotates on its side. No other planets rotate on their side, scientists believe that Uranus only does so due to a titanic size collision with an asteroid that may have knocked it spinning on its side.

Stargazing is like looking to the past. The sky that you’re looking up to at night is most likely years and years old. Due to the time, it takes the light to reach the planet, the star you’re looking at might not exist anymore and could have died years ago.

Our solar system is home to over 150 moons. Not only do planets have moons, but so do asteroids.

A day on our planet lasts 24 hours as you may know, but a day on venus last’s 243 days which is almost a full year here on earth.

10 cool facts solar system
Image From Pixabay

Pluto and Ceres aren’t the only dwarf planets in our solar system. We also have Makemake, Haumea, Eris, and 2015TG387 which has a nickname of ‘The Goblin’

Earth isn’t a perfect sphere, it’s, in fact, a squashed one and because of this, we have uneven gravity on the planet due to the mass of the earth being distributed unevenly.

Venus is the only planet in our solar system named over a female figure.

Pieces of mars have fallen to earth. Due to impacts that mars may have encountered, debris from that impact has been shot into the earth’s atmosphere, meaning we have bits of mars here on earth with us today.


Which was your favourite fact? Let me know in the comments.


10 cool facts solar system


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  • Clarissa

    I love learning facts about nature. Thank you for the interesting post! I think my favorite fact is about Uranus rotating on its side – I didn’t know that!

  • Sophie Harriet

    These are amazing, I’ve always been fascinated by space too. My favourite fact is that a day on Venus lasts 243 days! So if we lived on Venus it would be dark for half the year and light for the other – so weird!

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