10 Christmas Pet Peeves Everybody Has – Blogmas Day 6

10 Christmas Pet Peeves Everybody Has – Blogmas Day 6

Whether you’re a lover of Christmas or not, you’re bound to have a selection of pet peeve’s and I’d bet that they’re the same as everyone else; if you have some that aren’t listed that you think everyone might also share with you then make sure you list them below in the comments.

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year isn’t it, or so we are told but do you know how hard it is to stay that positive when someone or something is grinding your gears. Let me list a few.

10 Christmas Pet Peeves Everybody Has

  1. The Price Rise In Products:- Just like Valentine’s day, Mothers day and Fathers day, Christmas means for the prices of certain products to rocket into the heavens. The Supermarket and Highstreet stores sure know how to get their money out of you if you’re not organized enough to have had your Christmas shopping done before early November, you almost need to be prepared to pay double what you would without it being a special occasion around the world.
  2. The ‘Bah Humbugs’:- Christmas is a difficult one to enjoy at most, especially if you have mental health issues and you get extremely overwhelmed by the stress and emotions of the Christmas period, there’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to enjoy it and you have some scrooge in your ear on your social media harping on about how you shouldn’t have your Christmas decorations up yet or some other crap that just stinks of miserable old sods socks. Block or avoid.
  3. A Really Terrible Christmas Dinner: I’ve never in my life (touch wood) had a bad Christmas dinner. It’s always been my mum or my nan cooking and their dinners are the absolute bomb. I can imagine, however, if you have a dinner that certainly is below your expectations then I imagine it will be absolutely tooth grinding.
  4. Not Getting The Gifts You Asked For: What do you want for Christmas? One of the most asked questions around this time of year. Have you ever had this question asked to you and then not got what you asked for? If you have you will absolutely know how irritating it is, especially when you’re buzzing to receive it on Christmas day and you tear back that wrapping paper to see that it’s actually something completely different to what you asked for.
  5. The ‘Best Chocolate’ Thief: Whether it’s Hero’s, Celebrations, Quality Street or Roses, there’s always the best chocolates in the tin, right? How infuriating is it when you find that the best chocolates are gone in a heartbeat. For me, Luckily, I’m quite the fan of the chocolates that nobody likes however, my mum presented this pet peeve to me as she is the fan of those favorites in the roses tin, the strawberry cream ones, they don’t last 5 minutes in her house and therefore she is lucky if she gets one.
  6. The Attention Hogs: I mean, it doesn’t have to be Christmas for this to be a pet peeve because let’s be honest, all year round in every situation there is someone who just wants to suck up all the attention they possibly can. At Christmas though it’s much more irritating due to the nature of the day. Christmas is about everyone. Everyone should be treated the same however, there’s bound to be that one person who just demands the most limelight of the day and genuinely think that Christmas is like their day, unless you’re Jesus Christ hun, sit down.
  7. The Christmas Clean Up: I know of nobody that enjoys cleaning up all the teared up wrapping paper, empty toy boxes and the mount Everest of dishes in the kitchen after dinner.
  8. Ungrateful Children: “I didn’t want this one!” “Oh, a teddy, Great” (said in the most sarcastic way ever) As the older sibling I have certainly encountered my younger siblings being ungrateful for the gifts they’ve got in the past. The thing is children don’t understand and as much as it may annoy us that they’re somewhat ungrateful for their gifts, we also need to understand that they don’t really mean to be. My brothers and sisters all grew out of it and honestly, you can wrap them up a toilet roll and they’d all act like it was the best gift in the world. It’s the thought that counts, that’s what they say right?
  9. Spreading Yourself Between Families: I know this one all too well from personal experiences. Stewart and I have to split ourselves between 3. My mum, his mum, and my dad. (and the grandparents of course!) the best thing about splitting your days into three though is that you get multiple Christmas days and it’s not over in one day. It’s a blessing in disguise, honest.
  10. Retail Working hours: I don’t work in retail but Stewart does and it’s honestly a pet peeve for sure having him working those long hours. He misses out on one of our 3 Christmas days and only gets to spend an evening with us on one of them due to working in retail and honestly, it does dampen the mood a bit and I do wish that he could join us on all the festivities, however, the money needs to be made and I’m not making enough (yet) to be able to cut his hours down.

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