What I’m Hoping To Get Out Of April

I’ve heard that if you let the universe know what you want that you’re more likely to get it. I always feel apprehensive making a list of goals because I always feel really deflated when for some reason or maybe no reason at all one of my wants or goals haven’t been met. This month there’s not a lot planned but there’s certainly more planned and available to previous months. 

So here we go, my April Goals..

To have Brady settle in nicely.

Now I’ve not mentioned Brady on my blog yet. He is a new furb if you follow my Facebook page you will know what kind of animal he is, if you don’t you’ll have to wait for the blog post… 

Toddy to stay healthy. 

Tod has seriously run us through the mill this week, ensuring we spend money we really haven’t got but never the less it had to be done and there’s no point in getting down about it. It’s just made Stewart and I more determined to work on our ventures that little bit harder.

To spend some more time with family:- half term is coming up so nobody is at school or college. 

Half term is around the corner which means there’s lots of people free and available to do stuff with, that is of course if they want to do things with me too!

To stay motivated; blogs and marketing blogs. 

I’ve been doing so well working on my blogs and ensuring everything is running smoothly and I’ve really noticed a change in my stats because of that too however, I’m hoping that I don’t get lazy and start slacking with writing up content for you guys to enjoy. SEND ME POSSOTIVE VIBES..

To enjoy Easter with Stewart side.

Easter day is Stewarts mums ‘Christmas day’. We spend the day at hers and eat a massive dinner. It’s one of my favourite days of the year.

april goals

Setting goals can be really great for you and how you succeed. I found this amazing article on Klient Solutech that talks you though 10 benefits to setting goals.

Click here to read 10 Benefits of setting goals in life.

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3 thoughts on “What I’m Hoping To Get Out Of April”

  • Wonderful blog!

    I set myself a goal everyday and try to stick to it! No more than 7 items on my to do list at any one time, and I make them small and achievable. That’s how I stay motivated and manage to keep up my blog posting 🙂

    Hope you achieve all you all for.

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