Three Birthdays and Two New Furbies.

Three Birthdays and Two New Furbies.

Whilst there is not that much to talk about this week we have encountered three birthday’s here at number 20. Not only was it mine and Noah’s birthday on the 7th today, the 10th, it’s little Alfies 4th birthday. I don’t like to think about how fast time flies by because it gets me into a depressive slump that I find it rather hard to remove myself from but occasionally I do sit there and wonder why the hell has the time gone. How am I 26 and how have I achieved almost nothing. (besides my degree obviously.) How is Noah 6 and Alfie 4, It feels like only yesterday I was bringing them both home with me.

Today isn’t actually Alfie’s legitimate birthday though that we know of. We just know he was born around this time frame; The person we purchased him from could have potentially been a little bit dodgy.

As you may have heard, we have had 2 new additions to the house this week and up until this moment, I haven’t disclosed any information on this blog about who they are. Obviously, if you follow my home account which I imagine not a lot of you do because it’s relatively new, you’ll already know of the two new additions, if you want to follow that account for all gossip then the handle is @at_no.20 on Instagram.

These 2 new additions were a birthday gift. Not just for me, but for the two doggies as well…

Briefly meet, Charles and Ted. (I will be uploading a separate post going into more detail about the boys.)

dogs birthday
Charles and Ted – Two male Dumbo Rats born on the 25th October 2018

Alfie has already made friends with Ted, (Ted is the Grey coloured one in case you”re wondering) Ted has well and truly adopted Aflie as a potensial snuggle buddy, Charles is still getting used to his surroundings.

I will be uploading a post on Friday, February the 15th about the Rats and how they’ve settled into their new home and the specifics of their characters after having given them a week to fully settle into their surroundings.


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