Things That Made Me Smile In April

Oh wow. I can’t believe we are coming to the end of April already. When I was younger time seemed to move so much slower than it does now. It honestly seems like only yesterday that I was 12 years old and now all of a sudden i’m 26 and my life is literally flashing before my eyes. 

April is a good Month though isn’t it? Moods are rising due to the sunshine blessing our pastey, sun hungry bodies making is generally more happier humans and of course,  April is the home month of EASTER and is the only month, yes month, to eat chocolate everyday for breakfast.

Things That Made Me Smile In April

The Sunshine Smell;

This time of year has a distinct smell, the smell of summer I like to call it. Stewart calls it ”smells like hay fever”.  I’ve been making the most of it all week and the hay fever hasn’t even bothered me that much because the smell is well worth it and i inhale it like there’s no tomorrow.

Myra Coming Home;

After all the crap with Brady, we were so lucky to find Myra. She’s so funny and has quite the unique little character and has really impacted on our weird little family over the last few weeks. She’s made extremely good friends with Bronson, our tiniest rabbit (a Netherland dwarf) who has been so lonely since Odin’s been gone. It’s nice to see him finally friends with one of the rabbits. It’s even funnier that he chooses to make friends with the biggest rabbit of the bunch. 

Easter Celebrations;

We spent Easter with Stewart’s side of the family and it was lovely. We had a wonderful food spread, mini Easter egg hunt and a hurting arm load of baby cuddles. You can’t get a much better Easter than that can you?  

Cleethorpes Family Day Out

Family days out don’t happen as often as they really should so the fact that we got to have one before the April half term was over and managed to document it as well which you can click here to see.

cleethropes april 2019

Pick Up Of My Blog; 

I don’t know exactly what i’m doing for my blog to be doing so well at the moment, but something is working for me right now and if you’re reading this I want to say to you a massive thank you for supporting me on my blog journey. It honestly means the world and means I can continue doing what I love. I also hit my monthly goal of 10k views so thank you for that!!! 


Life in general has really made me smile this month. I’ve found myself more and more as everyday this month has gone on and also have started to train myself relatively well in not being negative and seeing the silver lining in everything and it’s really paying off.  

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  • Every cloud has a silver lining, you might not see it initially but you will in retrospect.
    Turning negative into positive has a really good affect on your mind set – it’s something I try to live my life by x

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