The Week In Pictures 26/11/18 – 02/12/18

The Week In Pictures 26/11/18 – 02/12/18
Birdie is the most adorable bird that I’ve ever met. This week we have bonded more and she is my little partner in crime.0


Taken on my Huawei P20 Pro on Star Trails mode. Local Southery Church


Some cakes me and my sister, Nicola made with cinnamon flavoured icing.



My The 1975 bundle arrived in the post and I’ve never been so happy about it.


This is the first time in the WHOLE time that we have had Caspar that him and Nanny have actually sat near each other.
Lidl is perfect for Sushi incase you didn’t already know.





The most adorable baubles in Flying Tiger, Lincoln
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