The Week In Photographs 3/2/19

The Week In Photographs 3/2/19

Jeepers, It seems like only yesterday that I wrote last week’s update and posted the photographs. I actually have no idea where this week has gone. What I do know is how ultimately stressful it’s been because my skin is telling me that.

The most I’ve done this week was go out shooting around Lincoln to make the most of the beautiful frost and thick fog we had on Thursday and on Friday I went to see my family up in Gainsborough.

I’ve found myself currently to be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Waiting for Thursdays and Friday’s to come around to even remotely be able to do anything outdoors with my camera is becoming a problem. I made it my mission this year to take more photographs and, granted I have but not of what I actually want to be photographing.

I’ve never felt such a disconnection with myself as I do right at this moment and I think it’s time to try and get that back. I got put on anxiety medication by the doctor so that I could do more stuff on my own and yet I’m too scared of what other people are going to think to do it. Swapping to an outsiders point of view, it’s not healthy.

Never the less, let’s get to the good stuff. PICCIES!


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