The Week In Photographs 27/01/19

The Week In Photographs 27/01/19

Good Sunday Morning everyone. This week started so slow but as I am writing this honestly, I can’t believe how quick it’s actually gone. It seems like only yesterday that I booked my tickets to see The 1975 live in concert and now, that’s been and gone and let me tell you now, it was bloody amazing.

I got to go with my sisters, which was really nice, to be able to spend some quality time with them and enjoy something together. We originally planned to spend a bit more time in the day on Saturday in Sheffield but we were far too exhausted to trudge around Sheffield.  We got home much earlier than planned and that meant we had much more time to reflect on our bloody awesome night and enjoy some downtime and mass relaxation.

The highlight of the night was the moment Matty Healy called out some bloody immature loons in the crowd for fighting. I mean what LOSERS go to a gig, to have a fight. HA, the losers that Matty told to fuck off.

So, what else has happened this week?

As per usual, not really that much. We also headed out to take some photographs around Fiskerton Fen, A Place we often tend to go to, it’s quite boring but I managed to get some decent photographs from this trip. Stewart, however, didn’t find it as successful.









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