Snow day Sunday – Kinda!

Snow day Sunday – Kinda!

Finally! A snow day and even better a snow day that falls on a Sunday. Stewart’s off work and so we are free to venture out on a snowy adventure.

Due to the car being ACE and not starting we’ve had to travel by foot, which meant we either got to go to the quarry or the nearby park, we chose the park as we thought it would have been prettier, in hindsight I wish we’d gone to the quarry because the park was absolutely jam packed with people with dogs and children, obviously.

We put the fluffy boy’s jumpers on and made our way and oh my life it was freezing cold, it wasn’t long before I warmed up though with the number of layers I had on. Alf’s not experienced snow before, so he wouldn’t even go into the garden this morning to have a barking battle with the dog next door, so we had to get him out into the snow somehow to show him it’s not going to harm him.

I’m not going to lie, the dogs looked bloody freezing when I stopped to take a photograph with their shaky little legs,  so we didn’t stay out very long due to that and the fact there were people everywhere. It’s been a while since they got a good run and adventure out so I think they enjoyed it.

All the fun didn’t last long though, within half an hour of us being out the snow had already stopped and started to melt away, even though we had amber weather warnings for 10cm of snow and even had our local Christmas market canceled because of it.

Later on in the day, we decided to go and get a bit more bits and bobs of Christmas shopping and now are currently sat drinking mulled wine and playing the ps4.

What did you do this weekend?


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