Postponing Our Wedding

Postponing Our Wedding

Last year we finally made the decision to hold a commitment ceremony and have our ”wedding’. Unfortunately due to lack of funds we’re having to postpone. 

When we first made the decision to set a date and place we thought we were gonna be in a position where money would be a lot easier to save, however we weren’t expecting Odin to deteriorate so quickly and Tod to become so poorly last month. 

If i’m honest, it was quite an easy decision to make to hold off because nobody really brought it up in conversation and it was almost like nobody was really that interested in where we were in terms of planning or whatever else, nobody ever asked. Not that this bothered us though so if you’re a family or friend reading this now and thinking ”Crap I didn’t ask how it was going, is this aimed at me?!”  NOPE. it’s not aimed at anyone and honestly, the fact nobody seemed interested made it a hell of a lot easier to make the decision to postpone and we felt less guilt. 

So, Thank you for not asking us about it, it’s really helped us make what could have been a really hard decision. 

Stewart and myself feel like we need to seriously get back onto our feet financially before we think about planning a wedding because let’s face it it’s not cheap and when you’ve got little to no money spare each month it’s not easy to be forking out hundreds of pounds on caterers and whatever else.


So,  we’re back to the drawing board but don’t worry I will be sure to keep you all updated with the ins and outs of what’s happening along this very strange journey. 

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  • Well, personally I feel as a fur baby mum it’s a no brainier; our little people come before ourselves. I’d never hesitate to put my furry little monster before myself because it’s the right thing to do. X

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