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Good Monday Morning!

The last week was a blur and I’m still trying to get my mind around the fact that it’s Monday again because it just doesn’t feel like the start of a new week. Every day is certainly starting to blend all into one.

I Photographed a wedding last weekend, it was beautiful and on top of that, I’ve been rebranding my photography business. I’ve been working so much on my bits and bobs that I think that’s one of the main reasons why I am blending my weekdays into one big day because when you’re working from home it’s so easy to do some work, stop and then come back to it in a few hours time. I mean even now I’m writing this at 21:27 pm on a Sunday evening – but when inspiration strikes, what can ya do?

My favorite hobby this week has been taking photographs for my Instagram because if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have noticed that I have indeed changed the theme and I am desperate to create new content for it because I am loooooving the new style.

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Taken on the way home from my Instagram content shoot. I actually adored the way the red lights contradicted the cold blue tones in the image. What do you think?
Taken using my Watsapp camera, hense the strange crop. Waking up to this was not a pleasant experience.
Stormy, Stormy skies at night, taken using night mode on Huawei p20 pro

We had a very stormy evening the other night, Usually I’d choose not to go out in it but nanny had escaped out and she’s been recovering from a severe chest infection so she really shouldn’t have been going outside and we couldn’t find her anywhere in the house, so we decided to get the dogs lead on and go and find her, she jumped out the shoe cupboard just as we were about to leave the house. It wasn’t even an option to stay in because the dogs were all giddy for their walk outside by this point. The clouds were moving so fast and there was so much dimension in the sky that I had to stop and take a quick snapshot of the scene. I thought it was absolutely¬†beautiful.

The typical Instagram shot that you see everywhere. This was taken on my Instagram content hunt.

Well that it is for this week folks. I contemplated not posting this because quite frankly it’s boring, but someone on the internet might be interested..

The best hot chocolate I’ve had this year so far..
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