My October Bucket List!

My October Bucket List!


October is here an honestly I wanted to upload this post a lot sooner however, I’ve been really poorly. Enough of the excuses and let’s get to the good stuff!

October has always been one of my favourite months of the year but the love for it is forever growing. It’s genuinely the most wonderful time of the year, undeniably.

So – here you are- if you are interested in my October bucket list.


Decorate The House ✓

I’m already halfway through this and the blog post showing is currently in the process of being constructed. Decorating my house for Halloween allows me to express my avidly quirky personality through the means of spooky décor and it is absolutely bloody wonderful.

Watch A Generous Amount Of Halloween Movies

YAAAAAAAAAS, *blows the dust off the Halloween DVD collection*, Of course, they’re all going to be child-friendly because I don’t like scary ones.

Go Conker Picking

Conkers make amazing autumnal décor and I plan to do some really pretty crafts with them this autumn.

Take Autumnal Walks

Late summer evenings are amazing for walks but just how glorious are those pretty, chilly walks around a wooded area on a beautiful autumnal afternoon.

Make Toffee Apples

The best way to eat your fruit is to throw toffee on it.

october bucket list

Do Halloween Inspired Photoshoots

I feel like you can do shoots for Halloween any time of the year but October just gets those Halloween juices flowing uncontrollably.

Go Halloween Shopping✓

I think now, I have the appropriate amount of Halloween decorations and truth be told if I put any more decorations in my house I am absolutely going to not be able to move and it will just look ridiculous.

Buy And Carve Pumpkins

The obvious, of course.


october bucket list

Have The Annual Halloween Party

Must have – NEED – To say goodbye to Halloween for another year with a bang.

Make Autumn Inspired Crafts

purely because I am a creative mad head.

Bake Halloween Cookies & Cakes.

I don’t bake enough. I eat enough but certainly don’t bake enough.


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2 thoughts on “My October Bucket List!”

  • This is a great list! I love autumnal walks and need to go conker picking so I can use them for work (in a nursery, the kids love them for artwork etc). Every year I tell my partner we need to carve a pumpkin and we’ve still not done one so hopefully this year we’ll get round to it!

    Jess //

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