My New Years Resoloutions

My New Years Resoloutions

Christmas has come and gone and now we find ourselves in de-trim and deep clean mode getting ourselves ready for the brand new fresh year that is creeping up swiftly. Not only do we use this opportunity to clean up our homes, we also use it to help motivate us to clean up ourselves with those new years resolutions that you may or may not break.

I’ve had a pretty weird year if I’m honest, despite the fact I achieved a lot of my previous new year’s resolutions I feel like this year has been a big challenge and honestly, I cannot wait to see the back of it.

1. Finish my Degree and graduate.

this is pretty inevitable for me that I will definitely¬†achieve it unless something really bad happens that means that I can’t which is highly unlikely.

2. Get back on my fitness game.

Over the last few months with the mood decrease, I’ve let myself go in the fitness area and i’m more than disappointed with myself about it. I do plan on getting back on it hard though as soon as boxing day is over.


I work hard anyway, but this new year I want to work even harder on creating something that will be my life completely. I have big plans.

4. Learn to swim.

Having a fear of rivers by roads isn’t ideal. Learning to swim will help put this fear at ease because it means that if I were to encounter any danger that I’d be able to swim my way out of it.

5. Stop swearing.

There’s really nothing more unattractive than swearing and it’s only over this past couple of months that I’ve come to the conclusion I really don’t want to swear anymore. I want to become a ”proper” lady.

Happy New Year!



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