My Latest Obsession – Inflatable Bags

My Latest Obsession – Inflatable Bags

I’m not myself if I’m not obsessing over something. It can literally be anything from food, drink, technology to animals and even objects. An ongoing obsession is with my bunnies and hamsters. Cor blimey, They’re just all so blooming cute that I’m addicted to the way that they make me feel.

However, about 2 years ago I decided that I wanted a blow-up backpack, you know like those ones we used to have in the 00’s and I got one. It was my favorite thing ever but one day it popped and no longer inflated.  I still have it now and I still use it!

The eBay buy from two years ago.

Me and Stewart took a trip to Nottingham a couple of days ago and visited my fave shop, the pound shop and bloody Nora I found a blow-up tote bag, holy heaven almighty, it was going in my basket and that was my mood at 100% happy all day. Yes, it really is that simple to make me happy.

Inflatable tote bag from The Poundshop, UK

Anywho, a couple of days later we ventured to Gainsborough to see the fam and OH MY GOD to my delight, they had blow up backpacks, not quite as pretty as the one I bought online 2 years ago, but still, they’d smell gorgeous and still, they were plastic and blowupable!!!!!!!

I had to get one in each color I could grab with my hands, unfortunately, I didn’t do this with the tote I found in Nottingham but totally wish I did now, so I am on the hunt for those.

Inflatable backpacks from The Poundshop, UK.

These bags are ultimately like marmite, you either love them or hate them. There’s no in-between. I love them not just because they’re weird, but mainly because they smell delicious, are extremely lightweight, practical and absolutely perfect for summer trips to the seaside – and rainy day’s out!!! – You really need to go get some, not just one, some.

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