Meet The Pets

Noah | 6 Years Old

The parsons Jack Russel that forgot to grow. Very sensitive soul that hates shouting and loud noises.

Alfie | 4 Years Old

Jack Russel with uncanny similarities to a dachshund. Exceptional jump and escaping skills. Cries over nothing.

Nanny | 8 years old

Moggy QUEEN. Will only drink out of a glass or fresh, flowing water.

Caspar | 4 Years Old

A moggy X Siamese. Extremely vocal and has the weirdest, thickest coat you'll ever feel on a cat. Very Russian

Todd | 1 Year Old

A moggy cat who is constantly sick. Medication for days. Sassy little monster, loves his human dad.

Nial | 5 Years Old

a very big, fat vocal guinea pig.

Brixton | 5 Months Old

A guinea pig with attitude, very cuddly and loves his rabbit companions.

Ted & Charles | 8 Months Old

Dumbo Rats, the most unloving rats in the world but fat pigs to make up for it.

Birdie | 10 months Old

A green cheek Conure. DIVA is her middle name. A toddler in the form of a bird

Myra | 5 Months Old

A continental Giant. The biggest rabbit, more like a dog than the dogs. Likes stealing food off your plate and ragging on toilet rolls.

Healy | 2 Years Old

Netherland Dwarf cross Lion Head, Looks like he should be in a studded leather jacket. A propper cool dude.

Benji | 2 Years Old

A lop, and a whole lop of rabbit. One of THE BIGGEST rabbits we own.

Olive | 2 Years Old

A Netherland Dwarf Cross, without a doubt the most feisty of the bunch. Even tries to pick fights with the dogs.

Bronson | 2 Years Old

The tiniest of the rabbits, A Netherland Dwarf. Very grumpy and vocal but ultimately harmless and super, super cute.

Blue | 2 Years Old

Blue, A mini lop. The rabbit that doesn't stop hacking yet the vets finds nothing wrong with her. Nest's every month despite not being pregnant.

Mac | 1 Year Old

A very skittish dutch rabbit and fastest of all of the rabbits.

Baby & Bella | 2 Years Old

The smallest fluffy critters in the house, 2 russian dwarf hamsters. They're EVIL.


We have 2 fish tanks, a cold water tank with 3 big fishes inside and a tropical tank with an array of different fishes.

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