Life With a Kitten…

Life With a Kitten…

Holy crap, yes. I have another pet.

Meet Toddy Blackbeard. A moggy kitty that I have loved since his birth. Unfortunately, his other two brothers that he was born with didn’t make it, but this lucky little fella did and I bagsied him from birth + gave Stewart the privilege of naming him.

Unfortunately, we have had a lot of trouble with him, the little boy has been completely constipated and unable to get that little poop out his little poop hole. We’ve had him to the vets and they gave him some laxative and that wasn’t doing much to help him, I tried every single remedy on the internet and still, we had no luck of him letting that stuff loose!


Despite the fact he was constipated, he still found it in himself to attack my ankles, climb up my leg at every given opportunity and shred the life out of my hand when I am trying to do work on my laptop, I can categorically tell you that if you’re thinking of getting a kitten, do not do it near an impending deadline.


Since our time with Toddy, he has grown a lot and has given us so much happiness already in just a week, even when he is sinking his claws into our faces when we go to give him kisses.  The other animals are warming to him nicely, the dogs don’t run away anymore when Tod approaches them for a snuggle and Noah (surprisingly) is starting to want to play, however, he doesn’t understand that barking is quite scary for a little kitty. Caspar is still petrified of him and Nanny is warming up to him. She’s happy to be near him of her own accord, however, if he approaches her, shit is going down.

He’s eating a massive amount of food every day, which I assume is normal and I hope encourages him to grow into a big, fluffy, black and white panther.

Potty training hasn’t been too bad, however, I don’t think Stewart appreciated waking up every morning covered in cat pee, but that only happened twice, and touch wood, it’s stopped now and he uses his litter tray all of the time. (cats seem so much easier to train than dogs!)

Aside’s from the excitement of the kittie, motivation has been swallowed up by the deadlines that have been looming, however now that they are out of the way I am hoping that I can get back some kind of organization back into the blogs.

Hope you’re all well.


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