How To Deal With People Not Liking You

How To Deal With People Not Liking You

We all go through life with people taking a dislike to us, whether it’s strangers, friends or even family; sometimes for no reason at all. This will always be one of life’s mysteries but usually stems from jealousy in most cases unless you’ve done something seriously rotten to them and then they have a reason to not like you, then what do you really expect?

This post is more aimed at the peeps out there that haven’t done anything and desperately want people to like them no matter what. The people that say yes when they just wanna say no or tell people things they know they shouldn’t just to feel accepted.
This used to be me. It made me anxious, paranoid and unhappy.
It wasn’t until I decided enough was enough, many years I’ve been living this life of desperately wanting to be liked that I was making myself unhappy and getting absolutely nothing out of it in terms of appreciation, love or even attention from the people I was trying to make like me or even love me.
It didn’t just happenovernightt when I decided that I wasn’t going to live to please other people anymore. It was a long process to warm to and it had its moments but it changed my life massively.
now those people that I tried to impress before, I no longer work towards impressing because well, why should I?  You should focus on the people that want you around, that enjoy your company and don’t always talk about themselves or want gossip.
I’ve lost many people in my life over the years, the worst part is when you ultimately feel like a stranger within your own family but you need to really be able to let that go, move on, shrug it off and focus on the positive people in your life.

The people that you mean the most to will show it within their own special ways and you need to grab on to that and feed of it. Trust me, it will be the best thing you ever did.

So ultimately how do you deal with people who don’t like you – SACK. THEM. OFF.


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