How Tarots Helped With My Mental Health

How Tarots Helped With My Mental Health

Ever since I was a young one I can remember having an interest in tarot cards. I guess when you’re younger anything that can potentially predict the future is obviously going to make an impact on your life, or at least make a big enough of an impact for you to remember it.

Tarot Cards and Mental Health

My mental health affects the way I make decisions, I find it incredibly hard to make the simplest life choices like, what to do tomorrow. This also means that I struggle to get through difficult situations solely on my own and the opinions of others are often one-sided and very biased and that’s when I turn to my Tarot’s. They guide me, it’s literally as simple as that.

Sometimes life gets hazy, we all know that. We start doubting all the life choices we’ve made and not only that but the future choices too. Are we on the right path? Should we just give up on everything now because it seems like we’re getting nowhere? Are we working hard enough? You know where I’m going with this.

Whether you believe in the power of Tarot’s or not, it doesn’t matter, they still give you that little bit of advice we need that our family and friends sometimes won’t give us – unbiased advice.



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