Gregory Crewdson Homage; Around Lincoln

Gregory Crewdson Homage; Around Lincoln

Gregory Crewdson, mainly known for his dramatic cinematic style in photographs. I studied Gregory a lot during my college years however, never fully got to create a homage to him as my projects were always getting driven into a different direction. Admittedly the photographs from this series could have been done MUCH better had I not been sat in a car with a dirty window screen however, this is my first of many attempts at doing a Crewdson homage and I hope you subscribe to my blog if you’re interested in following my photographic journey that little bit more.


Gregory Crewdson Homage
An image by Gregory Crewdson. The main inspiration for this post.

As you can see the photograph by Gregory is very atmospheric. Its tones are cold and there’s just generally something really eye catching about it. 

I love looking at others photographers works at the best of times and letting my mind run wild at the stories behind them but when you’re creating a homage, you kind of have to look at those technical parts of the image to understand exactly how or why it’s been shot the way that it has and thats what I did the night before I went out and had a go at shooting my own.

Gregory Crewdson Homage; Around Lincoln

So let’s take a look at what I created in all of 5 minutes. I like to limit my time as it really gets my brain working and I’m much more switched on about what it is I am doing or trying to achieve than giving myself a whole afternoon dedicated to getting one photograph.

It’s a Sunday afternoon, the carpark at tesco is practically dead, the sun is setting and light is becoming minimal, even without an edit this looks to the naked eye something that Gregory himself would have taken, it was like being inside a Crewdson photograph already.

What do you think first and foremost? Out of the two images that I managed to produce I personally prefer the one with the trolley present in it. I think it tells much more of a story compared to the image that doesn’t involve the trolley. 

I like that you can see the sky in the reflection in the glass just as you can in Credson’s image. I stuck to the bluey hues and turned the temperature down enough to keep a bit of warmth to the lights that were lit up in the image but the lights were quite ‘white’ lights to begin with anyway.

Let me know what you think and if you have a Homage to Crewdson himself, link it below in the comments.


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