Goals and Positivities for May 2019

Goals and Positivities for May 2019

May is here and already we are almost half way through 2019. How are you finding it? I’m not gonna lie so far, 2019 has well and truly bullied me so far and I dread to say it incase it’s not true but I think it might finally be giving me a break.  I don’t just have goals for this month but I also have a few quotes I want to keep in mind along the  way this May. 

Goals and Positivities for May

Just Be Chill & Enjoy Life

I really need to stop stressing over things that I actually can’t control but as you probably know this is a lot easier said than done put during may I am really going to put this to practice. Money, is simply just that. Peoples Opinions is literally, just that. This month is gonna be a good one.

Continue To Work Hard On My Blog

I honestly can’t believe I’m saying this but all my  hard work on my blog has paid off this month, not only did I reach my monthly goal but all in all, my blog is actually picking up and it’s all thanks to you reading this now, thank you so much.

What are your goals this month?? Let me know in the comments below.

Quotes To Live By This Month

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  • My goals this month is to beat last months blog views and unique visitors as well as writing a post at least twice a week. My blog has been neglected since December and only just got back into the swing of things last month 🖤


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