First Trimester Pregnancy Journal – Weeks 4-12

First Trimester Pregnancy Journal – Weeks 4-12

First Trimester Pregnancy Journals

4 Weeks Pregnant; 

It’s officially a month in and I feel really good to be honest. We told our mums and siblings at this point and we’ve done that simply because; 1 – my family needed a pic me up. 2- my mums a pregnancy and birth expert. 3- if my side knew, Stewart’s side had to too. It was only fair. The hardest part was not telling my dad and grandparents on that side because I was so excited to do so. I can’t wait to tell my dad he’s going to be a grandad. I think I’m waiting until 8 weeks, still early but when I turn 8 weeks it will be Father’s Day and I’d love to get him a grandad card. Honestly it makes me so happy. I also can’t wait to tell my Nanna Judy.

As far as symptoms go, I’ve had pretty much nothing. A few cramps here and there, my skin got a few extra spots, nothing like what I’d have got with pms I’m not emotional yet, I’m just really bloody happy!

6 Weeks Pregnant

6 weeks in, close family and friends know that we’re pregnant but we’ve not yet shared it on Facebook or any of our social medias. As it stands at 6 weeks I’ve still not encountered any nausea or anything cripling when it comes to symptoms. I’ve had the occasional cramps around week 5 but during week 6 I’ve felt pretty great still. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a lot of things suddenly start smelling gross and food aversions are real. I was cooking a gammon joint and the smell of it made me feel queasy, a couple of days later i took a mouthful of ham pizza and the ham made me feel queasy too. 


First Trimester Pregnancy Journal

8 weeks pregnant

At this point I’m finding it really hard to stay awake and keep hold of my energy. This week I had my first midwife appointment and it became more real, everything all of a sudden wasn’t a fantasy and it all became very real and some personal problems have popped up that are certainly demons that cannot be ignored. 

What’s been hard is just trying to relax and not dwell on the new worries that i’m having, luckily the situation that has reared it”s ugly head Stewart has always been aware of and honestly his support has been amazing; i’m being vague but honestly it’s not really a situation i’m confident talking about openly. As I write this I am currently into my 9th week and energy is really non existant and all I want to do is lay on the floor.

9-10 weeks pregnant

I feel at this moment in my pregnancy that my apatite is on it’s way back, my energy still may be quite low but my mood is remaining normal and I’m not experiencing any swings at all. If anything I am more chilled now than I was however I have noticed that people are mistaking my ”not taking shit” attitude for pregnancy hormones.

11 weeks pregnant.

I’ve just found out that I have a urine infection so i’ve been prescribed a weeks worth of antibiotics to sort that out. All of my tiredness seems to have disappeared since i’ve been on them and supprisingly so has my dull back ache so I actually feel pretty great right now, however. Whilst sickness is still staying away, I’m having food aversions to almost everything and finding something I actually want to stuff my face with is proving quite difficult.

12 weeks pregnant.

I’m exactly 12 weeks and 2 day as I write this, I’ve just finished my weeks worth of antibiotics and i’ve just had my first scan. The anxiety that filled yesterday was horrible. Obviously there was a baby in my belly but my brain was just telling me that I was making it up and when I got there that they’d find no baby in there at all; this wasn’t the case. There was in-fact a very wriggly little baby in there and I’m so glad I held in my pee so that we could get that clear image.

The first scan and midwife appointment was a lot for me to take in and I found it dreadfully hard to shut off afterwards and it took me until 2:25am to finally be able to settle and go to sleep so safe to say as I’m writing this i’m absolutely shattered but also filled with joy because I know there’s a real baby in there now, I’ve seen it with my own eyeballs.

First Trimester Pregnancy Journals

As it stands at the moment I feel like pregnancy has been quite kind to me. I’ve not had any mood swings that aren’t different to normal, in-fact i’d say i’ve been relatively chilled aside from the fact I felt a bit teary coming up to the end of week 11. Considering circumstances that have been happening around me as well, i’ve been so chilled i’ve shocked myself. 

Goodbye First Trimester. You've not actually been that bad.

Stay tuned for fortnightly updates from now on on how my pregnancy is progressing and all the deets! 

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