Experimenting With Mirror Mode on the Nikon Coolpix s7000

Experimenting With Mirror Mode on the Nikon Coolpix s7000
Black and white is my go to at the moment and I really can’t tell you why I am just drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I spend a lot of time at work, looking at my computer working on my blogs or either doing my college coursework and very little time actually behind my camera taking photographs which is crazy considering I am studying photography for my degree. I love taking photographs but as mentioned in previous posts my inspiration is really running dry when it comes to anything other than my current final major project.
For some reason, I am more drawn to photographing on dull and rainy days and they’re not really the best days to be wanting to take photographs but due to the light being so even, I thought it would create some interesting minimalistic images with the mirror effect on the Nikon Coolpix s7000.
They say the best camera you can have is the one you have with you, because its not about the standard of the camera, how expensive your camera is, it’s merely what you can do with it and i’m not going to lie that has been one of the hardest things for me as a photographer to come to terms with after spending so much money on a professional camera, but when you’re wanting to experiment and get into tune with your creative side, it really doesn’t matter what camera you use to create your art.

I purchased the Nikon Coolpix sj7000 a few weeks ago when it appeared my iPad was faulty and I had to take it back and get a refund. I never really used my ipad so I took the opportunity to get something I would use and this was it – and some other bits but that’s another story.

If you want to see some more pictures taken on this camera you can visit these two posts here:

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Let me know what you think, I’ll be experimenting with this a lot more in the future and might even do something with the mirror mode when I visit Cumbria this February. As photographers, we should never stop experimenting and play with different techniques because you never know what you might create. I’m also hugely interested if you’ve done anything like this before with a mirrored setting on your camera or phone, link me!


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