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Easter Week Update

Easter Week Update

Hello and welcome back. Half term is now pretty much over and everything will go back to normal and the shops wont be full of kids that have no regards for anyone around them.

Gainsborough bound; Andrew came to pick me up and took me back to Gainsborough to kill and spend some time with the family, with it being half term the majority of my younger sibs were there. The highlight of thee week happened on Monday and that was my 4 year old brother told my 20 year old old brother that he was adopted.  We went to Costa, I  thoroughly am digging the white hot chocolate that they’re doing at the moment, however if it stays this hot then that will soon have to be swapped out for a more chilled drink. 

Tuesday was spent doing naff all and Wednesday I went to see my dad with my sister and our brother also met us there too. It was nice to sit in the garden, enjoy the sunshine and have a catch up over a cuppa and in Lucy’s case 4 sandwiches. I also made some Easter nests for the first time ever and I think I’ve found a new Easter time tradition. 

Thursday, Stewart and I wanted to make sure we set the time aside to go grab some photographs somewhere and that we did. We actually went to Southrey Wood to get some pictures because there were some beautiful white flowers all over the ground and honestly, they just looked so cute and i’ve had my eye on shooting something there for a while. (some photographs will be on the imagery cosmos this week so be sure you’re subscribed to that site to know when new stuff arrives!)

Saturday was a good day. I sat with the radio on, writing post’s, cleaning the house and making Easter nests for Easter enjoying the sunshine beaming through the window. Ideally it would have been glorious to go sit in the back garden but when you have quite a bit to do the last thing you want to do is chase a wild and feral Conure around the house because she doesn’t want to go back into her cage. Spoiled is an understatement.

Ahhh, Sunday! EASTER DAY!!! The only day that it is completely acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast. Sunday morning started with a bit of exploring, making the most of the sunshine before we headed to Stewart’s mums for Easter lunch and baby snuggles which was perfect. We ate our body weights in food and Becky and I had a battle of the cakes. 

Photographs From The Week

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