• Photography

    Belton House From 2014

    Belton house is one of the most amazing places ever. I have so many memories cooped up in this location that it always make’s it a pleasure visiting. I’ll always remember the first time I visited which was with my…

  • Photography

    The Deep, 2014

    The Deep in Hull is one of my favourite days out either with the partner, with friends or with family. I’m not usually a fan of fish, however, The Deep is home to some of the most amazing tropical fish…

  • Photography

    Waddington Airshow 2014

    Ah, Waddington airshow. A thing now of Lincolnshire’s past. I grew up visiting the airshow almost every year with my parents. Waddington stopped hosting the airshow when they shut the airfield to completely re-do their runway and Scampton then took…

  • blog post ideas for photographers
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    30 Blog Post Idea’s For Photographers

    30 blog post idea’s for photographers. Wow, someones done all the hard work for you-you’re very welcome. Sometimes inspiration just doesn’t come to you and you need that little push. There is so many blog post’s out there with lengthy…

  • iphone photography

    How To Improve Your iPhone Photography

    iPhone photography is something I am extremely interested in due to the accessibility and how easy it is to just whip out your phone and take a photograph. I almost feel ashamed to say that I don’t take my camera…

  • annie leibovitz

    Annie Leibovitz Homage

    For many years I have found myself lusting over photographers work, but Annie Leibovitz just brings something else. During my final year of college, to help me through my studies I purchased her debut book ‘Portraits 2005-2016’ Which is full…

  • Photography

    Infrared Fine Art Portraiture

    I had always wondered how to do infrared photography, so when I finally was able to learn that I took it upon myself to then branch off from landscapes onto portraiture. Infrared portraiture is something I’ve not yet decided whether I…