Best of April

Best of April

Ello you lovely lot! Here we go again with another month biting the dust. April has been a bit of a whirlwind for me I’m not going to lie. I cannot wait for it to be June already, I’ll be out of education and be finally free to start doing the things that I love the most and starting to make a life for myself that doesn’t involve stressing over a ton of assignments to do.

It. Can. Not. Come. Quick. Enough.

Asides from coursework, not a lot this month has been happening. We had our first family trip to the seaside this year, the weather was glorious but a little bit chilly, but we gambled away our 2ps in spectacular fashion.  We’ve not had the best weather this month, a few amazing days of sunshine that’s left me with a banging tan but that soon left us and as I’m writing this up we have that amazing, drizzly weather that the UK is known for.

So here you are sweetie faces, my images of April, I’ll let them do the talking.













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