An Ultimately Lovely & Productive Week

Productive Week

Monday was an absolutely wonderful day. I went and spent the afternoon with my nanna Judy and we went for a walk around the cemetery. Not everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to a day out, however, I really loved it. I loved having nan take me to old family graves and tell me about all her friends and it was just a gorgeous afternoon, we also nipped down to the Asylum Steampunk festival that was on up on the Bailgate of Lincoln to have a nosey at all the costumes. There were some beautiful ones, but as there is with anything there was bad with the good. A prom dress is not a steampunk outfit. SOZ. 

After that, we went back to nans and had a good cup of tea and a sandwich. Corned beef and English mustard sandwich and it were absolutely delicious and I’ve eaten about 5 more since. 

Tuesday was a housework day. I spent most of the day cleaning and bleaching the house. Every now and then it needs a deep clean, more often than normal houses because I have 19 fluffy animals and I am also a clean freak.

Wednesday was a day dedicated to spending time with the mother and sister in law. Every summer we plan to do something together before the summer holidays are up and Alison goes back to work. We decided to go to Horncastle and mooch around the antique and charity shops. We also accidentally stumbled into a very posh hotel for food. It was bloody delicious and we had a great day. I always set Alison a challenge to really push her to her limits when we go out. This time’s challenge was to approach a stranger and say “Oh hi, how’s June?” and much to my amazement she actually did it and roped Becky into it to. I could briefly hear them but I had no idea what they were doing and missed the initial moment, but still I’m impressed that she even did it because I certainly wouldn’t have had the balls to do it.

A day jam-packed of a ton of admin and business work and more cleaning. It’s a full time cleaning up after my fluffy tribe but holy moly, they make it all worth it. I’ve been working on something a bit under the radar for a couple of weeks now and hopefully will soon be able to share it with the lot of ya!

Cor, today’s thoughts were ” How is it Friday already?” This week at this point for me had absolutely gone like a rocket – Another day full of admin and business work and a good old Big Brother live eviction to finish off my Friday.

See Thursday and Friday.

Today, my Nanna Jean came to pick me up and I was forced to get ready in 40 minutes and that my friend was a challenge, a sweaty one at that. It wasn’t great lounging in bed for the majority of the morning because it means I’ve only had to do today’s cleaning when I got home and before I’ve had tea which is not on. All in all it’s been a good week and I’m excited to be able to start a fresh one tomorrow with a fresh mindset.

Productive Week

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